Plenary Lectures

foto_ha Professor Holm Altenbach (co-author Prof. Daniel Juhre)
New Trends in Continuum Mechanics and Challenges for Numerical Mechanics
foto_bb Professor Balakumar Balachandran
GPU Based Computational Dynamics
foto_rb Professor René de Borst
Isogeometric Analysis of Damage and Fracture in Thin-Walled Structures
foto_cg Professor Celso Grebogi
Compressive Sensing Based Prediction of Complex Dynamics and Complex Networks
foto_gk Professor Gaëtan Kerschen
Nonlinear Normal Modes and Resonances of Mechanical Systems
foto_sl Professor Stefano Lenci
A new computational approach to improve the global analysis of dynamical systems
foto_em Professor Ewa Majchrzak
Selected Problems of Bioheat Transfer Modelling
Professor Herbert A. Mang
Evolution and verification of a kinematic hypothesis for splitting of the strain energy
foto_gr Professor Giuseppe Rega
Nonlinear Dynamics and Control in Macro- and Micro-Mechanics: Some Computational Issues
foto_bs Professor Błażej Skoczeń
Constitutive Modelling of Strain Induced Coupled Phenomena in Engineering Materials Applied at Cryogenic Temperatures