Professor Giuseppe Rega


Department of Structural and Geotechnical Engineering, Sapienza University, Via Antonio Gramsci 53, 00197 Rome, Italy

  • Professor of Solid and Structural Mechanics, Department of Structural and Geotechnical Engineering, Sapienza University, Rome, Italy
  • Chairman, EUROMECH Nonlinear Oscillations Conference Committee
  • Italian Representative, IUTAM General Assembly
  • Past President, AIMETA (Italian Association of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics)
  • Former Head, Department of Structure, Water and Soil Engineering, University of L’Aquila
  • Former Chairman, Ph. D. Program Structural and Geotechnical Engineering, Sapienza
  • Former President, Doctoral School in Civil Engineering and Architecture, Sapienza
  • Former President, Committee of Italian Professors of Solid and Structural Mechanics
  • Member, CISM (International Centre for Mechanical Sciences) Scientific Council, Udine
  • Past Editor-in-Chief, Meccanica
  • Current/Past Associate Editor: Journal of Vibration and Control, Journal of Dynamics and Control, Prikladnaya Matematika i Mekhanika; Chaos Solitons & Fractals (P), ASME Journal of Computational and Nonlinear Dynamics (P), Mathematical Problems in Engineering (P)
  • Current Editorial/Advisory Board Member: Nonlinear Dynamics, International Journal of Dynamics and Control, The Open Mechanical Engineering Journal
  • Main International Conferences organized/chaired:

Int. Workshop Bifurcation and Chaos in Mechanical Systems, L’Aquila 1992; EUROMECH Coll. Bifurcation and Chaos in Solid and Structural Dynamics, L’Aquila 1994; IUTAM Symp. Chaotic Dynamics and Control of Systems and Processes in Mechanics, Rome 2003; EUROMECH Coll. Nonlinear Normal Modes, Dimension Reduction and Localization in Vibrating Systems, Frascati 2009; IUTAM Symp. Nonlinear Dynamics for Advanced Technologies and Engineering Design, Aberdeen 2010; 7th European Nonlinear Dynamics Conference, Rome 2011; 4th Int. Conf. Localization, Energy Transfer and Nonlinear Normal Modes in Mechanics and Physics, Haifa 2012; Symp. Dynamics, 3rd Int. Conf. Recent Advances in Nonlinear Mechanics, Harbin 2014; Symp. Nonlinear Dynamics in Engineering Systems, 24th ICTAM, Montréal 2016;

  • Many EUROMECH, IUTAM and other Conferences/Symposia organized
  • Plenary/Keynote Lecturer at about 20 International Conferences
  • Main honors: For 60th birthday: 11th Conf. Nonlinear Vibrations, Stability, Dynamics of Structures, Virginia Tech 2006; Nonlinear Dynamics Special Issue, 2007. For 70th birthday: International Journal of Nonlinear Mechanics Special Issue, 2017.
  • More than 130 papers in 48 Archival Journals + 65 Book/Edited Volume Chapters + nearly 100 Refereed Conference Proceedings Papers
  • Main Editorship: 3 Books, 7 Special Issues in Archival Journals

Current research interests: Nonlinear oscillations in applied mechanics and structural dynamics; Bifurcation and chaos in nonlinear dynamics; Control of oscillations and chaos; Reduced-order modelling in solid and structural mechanics; Global dynamics and integrity; Wave propagation; Smart materials; Micro/nano-mechanics;  Structural architecture; Thermomechanical problems.